In order to control traffic and the ambience of this intimate event, there will be designated check in times each day before music begins.

FRIDAY: NOON-4  | SATURDAY: 9:30-11AM  |  SUNDAY:9-10:30



  • Check in at NOON for curbside drop off of your camping equipment just a few steps from the designated grassy camping area.
  • Save your legs for dancing, not carting camping equipment! Arrive early to take advantage of drive through drop off behind the stage just a few steps from the camping zone.
  • Slackers checking in after 4:00 will be directed to the upper parking lots to hand carry your heavy camping equipment. It’s about ¼ mile jaunt which will feel like 20 miles with a load! Arrive early, relax, & have a beverage by the river!
  • Wagons and carts are suggested and not provided.


  • Check in prior to 11am for overnight camping for curbside drop off.
  • Campers checking in after 11am will be directed to the upper parking lots to hand carry camping equipment to the camping area. Did we mention it won’t be fun to carry your stuff from the parking lot to the camping area? Arrive early!



  • If you are planning on bringing your RV, you must purchase an RV parking pass AND a music pass.
  • RV Parking is limited to parking only. There are no hookups.
  • RV Parking is a space only large enough to park an RV-parking area is very limited.
  • RV Parking is in the parking lot with a tight squeeze. There’s no room to spread out and create your cool living rooms or scene at your RV. You won’t want to hang out in the hot, gravel, parking lot, There’s nothing happening there. All music and fun will be at the Festival site on the river. Bring your EZ ups, chairs, tapestries, etc. to the Festival site where it’s just exactly perfect.


  • To encourage carpooling, parking is $5 per car, not per person, per car.
  • Parking is limited, travel with your friends.
  • Carpooling is encouraged.
  • It can be distracting to other festival goers in an intimate venue such as this when cars and campers are moving about just a few feet behind the stage. Please adhere to the designated check in times out of respect for the musicians and other festival goers.